Richard Rash, Foundation Repair Consultant

My job is to walk you through foundation issues so you can:

Understand what does and does not constitutes real foundation damage on SLAB and PIER & BEAM foundations.
Deal with what causes it.
Deal with preventing it.
Deal with stopping it .
Deal with reversing it.
Deal with foundation repair, drainage, and plumbing contractors.
Deal with getting it right.
Deal with foundation repair failures.
Deal  with buying and selling foundation affected homes.
Deal with foundation repair contracts, foundation repair warrantees, as well as, home owner insurance and new buyer warrantees.
Deal with foundation repair scams.
Deal with  drainage issues, plumbing issues, tree issues, settlement issues, upheaval issues, elevations scams, and foundation watering issues.                       
Contact Information:
Richard Rash
Foundation Repair Consultant


Don't invest in foundation repair without my help, I more than pay for myself.