Have you received bids that are all over the place from the foundation repair companies?

Do you feel that there must be a better way?

Do you just want somebody to explain what needs to be done and why?

I can Help! I can help you have less stress, save time and save a lot of money.

Watch the video and read the page!

Welcome     Housedick[1]

You are likely here because you have concerns about a foundation. Either your foundation, a foundation your looking to buy or a foundation belonging to someone you what to help. If this is so you have come to the right place.
I am Richard Rash and I am a Foundation Repair Consultant. My job is to help you solve your foundation problems no matter what they may be.
I have developed this website to provide as much generic information as I can to help you sidestep foundation problems when possible, and recognize them when necessary.
Without seeing your property it is impossible to fully diagnose your problems and to offer correct solutions. I am happy however to speak with you over the phone and help determine if you are likely to have foundation problems that should be addressed.
When it seems advisable that the problems have reached a point where they need to be addressed I do advise that, before signing any contracts, that you have your situation evaluated by an independent consultant who is not affiliated with any companies in the foundation repair business.
If you have been in our area of expansive soils for long I am sure you have heard the horror stories of shoddy, over priced foundation repair jobs and foundation repair failures.
It seems there are more dis-satisfied foundation repair customers than there are happy ones, and that does not have to be the case when you have the right information.
 I can be you advocate, your check and balance. I can save you time, stress and Money.

What I am: A Foundation Repair Consultant.

What I am Not: Affiliated with any foundation repair company.

What I do: (and have been for the last nine years after 24+ years in the foundation repair business):

  • I examine your home.
  • I explain, drawing pictures:
    • how your home is built.
    • How the soil affects it.
    • How the moisture affects the soil.
    • How it causes the house to move.
  • I show you why and how the home is moving.
  • I tell you what can be done.
    • If you need piers:
      • I will explain the different types of piers.
      • I will explain how many you need.
      • I will explain where you need them.
      • I will explain the most you should pay for them.
    • If you need other work such as drainage, plumbing, root barriers or soaker hose I will explain it all.
  • I will answer all of you questions including about:
    • Bids.
    • Warrantees.
    • Scams.
    • Home owners insurance.
    • Home buyers warrantees.
    • Slabs.
    • Pier and Beams.
    • Piers.
    • Drains.
  • I will send you an overview of our conversation (report).
  • I will encourage you to email me any bids you wish to discuss.
  • I will encourage you to continue to call me with any questions.

For additional information: Contact me: Richard Rash, 817-309-8186, email: richardrashinc@tx.rr.com.               See what my customers say at: Testimonials.    Here are :   My Fees.       If you still are not sure, please carefully read over my website: www.repairfoundations.com. Then contact me with any questions. Thank you.



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