Have you received bids that are all over the place from the foundation repair companies?

Do you feel that there must be a better way?

Do you just want somebody to explain what needs to be done and why?

I can Help! I can save you money, save you time and cut your stress!


Welcome     Housedick[1]

You are likely here because you have concerns about a foundation.  If this is so you have come to the right place.
I am Richard Rash and I am a Foundation Repair Consultant. My job is to help you solve your foundation problems no matter what they may be.
I have developed this website to provide as much generic information as I can to help you  recognize foundation problems when they arise, sidestep them when possible and  deal with them when unavoidable.
Without seeing your property it is impossible to fully diagnose your problems and to offer correct solutions. I am happy however to speak with you over the phone and help determine if you are likely to have foundation problems that should be addressed.
When it seems  that the problems have reached a point where they need to be addressed I do advise that before signing any contracts, that you have your situation evaluated by an independent consultant who is not affiliated with any companies in the foundation repair industry.
I am sure you have heard the horror stories of shoddy, over priced foundation repair jobs and foundation repair failures. I can help you avoid that type of experience.
It seems there are more dis-satisfied foundation repair customers than there are happy ones, and that does not have to be the case when you have the right information.
 I can be you advocate, your check and balance. I can help you avoid stress as well as save time and money.
 I am: A Foundation Repair Consultant.
I am Not: Affiliated with any foundation repair company.

What I do: (and have been doing for the last nine years, after 24+ years in the foundation repair business):

  • I examine your home.
  • Using pictures I explain:
    • how your home is built.
    • How the soil affects it.
    • How the moisture affects the soil.
    • How the soil causes the house to move.
  • I show you why and how the home is moving.
  • I tell you what can be done.
    • If you need piers:
      • I will explain the different types of piers.
      • I will explain how many you need.
      • I will explain where you need them.
      • I will explain the most you should pay for them.
    • If you need other work such as drainage, plumbing, root barriers or soaker hose I will explain it all.
  • I will answer all of your questions including about:
    • Bids.
    • Warrantees.
    • Scams.
    • Home owners insurance.
    • Home buyers warrantees.
    • Slabs.
    • Pier and Beams.
    • Piers.
    • Drains.
  • I will send you an overview of our conversation (report).
  • I will encourage you to email me any bids you wish to discuss.
  • I will encourage you to continue to call me with any questions.

For additional information: Contact me: Richard Rash, 817-309-8186, email: richardrashinc@tx.rr.com.               See what my customers say at: Testimonials.    Here are :   My Fees.       If you still are not sure, please carefully read over my website: www.repairfoundations.com. Then contact me with any questions. Thank you.

 Why Foundation Repairs Fail

Most people think that foundation movement is caused by settlement. In some parts of the country that is true. In areas of expansive soils, such as most of Texas and surrounding states, not so much! The people selling piers want everything to be the result of settlement because that is what piers are designed for. By definition settlement is generally looked at as a loss of support, and piers are designed to provide support, and in the case of foundations, provide support after lifting.  The truth is that there is really not much settling, percentage wise, going on in our area or other areas of expansive soils and I will tell you why. By definition expansive soils shrink and swell. The pier salesmen want us to believe that every year we are in a new drought which is causing our soils to shrink out from under our foundations, (which were poured when the soil was expanded?)  allowing them to fail to a point that they need to be artificially lifted, by piers, up off of the shrinking soils that have failed them. You know, I even bought into that line of thinking 30 plus years ago when I got into the foundation business.  That’s what everybody said so it must be true, or so I thought. After working in the business for a while it became obvious to me that something didn’t add up. For one thing, there were about as many foundation job failures as there were successes. That didn’t seem right and the more I thought about it the more I realized that the drought that happened just about every summer was also going on during many of the falls and springs as well as the occasional winter. In fact it seemed to me that when we did have rain it was seldom if ever enough to stop the drought. In fact we have been in some sort of a drought most years since the 1930’s. It also dawned on me that most foundations were poured during these droughts, to the point the ground was already contracted  so that it couldn’t shrink much more, so why were, and how were these houses and commercial buildings settling? It struck me: they were not settling! You know what I figured out? I figured out that a whole bunch of this foundation failure business was not settlement but upheaval.

Upheaval due to rains

Houses were being built on dry contracted soil. Then the rains came after the houses were built. The contracted soils expanded around areas of homes where water was standing. Parts of the homes were lifted and parts were not, giving the illusion that settlement had occurred. What is considered the “settled” areas of the house remains near the “as built” elevation  where they were built while the damage was actually the result of the other parts of the house lifting. The results were that of a structure that appeared to have settled, but in reality had not.  So bottom line is that many homes thought to have areas settling, are actually having other areas of the house raising or heaving, leading to piering of parts of the house to bring it up to the already artificially high section of the home. When this is done, and it is done often in areas of expansive soils such as ours, the repairs seldom succeed. Either the soils continue to swell and lift the building off of the piers causing more damage, or the drainage or the plumbing is fixed and the heaved part of the structure settles back to near it’s “as built” position. This happens while the piers continue to support the lifted areas above original grade and this also leads to additional damage. *** To sum it up: most foundation movement is not settlement and most homes in our area do not need piers. That’s why there are so many failed foundation repair jobs. And sadly to say I don’t know of a foundation repair company whose LIFETIME WARANTEE covers upheaval. If you would like additional information about this or need clarification contact me, I will be glad to discuss it. See what my customers say at: Testimonials.    Here are :   My Fees.       For additional information: Contact me! Richard Rash 817-308-8186  with any questions. Thank you.

 This video was made by a well respected Houston Professional Structural Engineer for his clients in Houston. Please Watch!

I am Richard Rash and I am here to help you keep from getting taken advantage of by the foundation repair companies. I have spent the last thirty five plus years working with foundation damaged homes constructed on expansive soils. I am based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but go where I am needed and the economics warrant, such as San Antonio, Austin, Shreveport, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and cities and towns in-between. I have been involved with foundation repair in all size homes, apartments, hospitals, nursing homes, warehouses and small commercial buildings. I have worked as foundation inspector, contractor, consultant and expert witness. Since 2005 I have been consulting with individuals who are experiencing foundation distress. I am their check and balance, their advocate. I know foundations and I know the soils. I know what causes foundation failures and what prevents foundation failure. I know the products used to repair foundations and I know the contractors reputations. I know what works where, and how much it should cost. I save my customers from failed foundation repairs, un-needed piers and I save them money. See what my customers say at: Testimonials.    Here are :   My Fees.      For additional information: Contact me! Richard Rash 817-308-8186

Understanding Foundation issues!

So you think you have foundation issues?    I can show you the difference between cosmetic and structural foundation movement! Do you have conflicting bids? I can explain them to you and offer independent direction!

  • Do you want to avoid paying too much? I can keep you from being overcharged!
  • Do you want to avoid failed repairs? I can help you make sure the work that you choose to have performed is the work that is needed!
  • Do you want to prevent or reverse foundation movement? I can show you the maintenance needed to prevent and often reverse foundation movement!
  • Are you looking to buy a home? I can inspect the home and alert you to undisclosed defects, covered up issues and potential problems.  Best of all I can assure you (1) if the foundation is sound and advise you on how to keep it that way, or (2) any repairs that would be needed if there has been foundation movement or (3) if previous foundation repairs are working!
  • Are you looking to sell your home? I can show you what must be done to prevent any last minute foundation issues from blocking the sale.After discussing your issues over the phone if I don’t feel I can help you I won’t set an appointment. If we do set an appointment and I can’t help you understand the situation, you will not be charged. What do you have to lose?If we do set an appointment, the fee you pay will entitle you to call me anytime with any questions relating to your foundation. I will have my notes to refer to and can answer most questions over the phone.For additional information:
  • See what my customers say at: Testimonials.    Here are :   My Fees.      
  • I will provide a written overview of our discussion including a summation and recap of recommendations.
  • If you are concerned with foundation issues I can answer your questions.

Contact me: Richard Rash at 817-308-8186

  My Most Ask Questions 

Here are some quick answers to my most ask questions.  

How can I avoid foundation movement?                                                              

The great majority of foundation damage in areas of expansive soils is avoidable. Proper planning and proper maintenance can go a very long way in preventing foundation movement.  The number one thing to take into consideration is drainage. Providing and maintaining proper moisture control around your home will go a long way toward preventing foundation movement and damage. Areas of importance would be in knowing where the moisture/water comes from and where it goes.  Have gutter downspout directing waters to stay away from foundation.  Prevent sidewalks from trapping water next to home.  Slope all soil from home. Keep soil tight against foundation so it will prevent moisture from flowing under slab or into crawl space. Avoid erosion. If you have concerns let me advise you, my fee is a small price to pay to prevent possible major foundation problems. Contact Richard Rash 816-308-8186.  

How do I handle minor foundation movement?                                                                       There is a fine line between structural foundation damage and cosmetic foundation movement caused by a lack of soil maintenance. Cracks, swinging doors, and uneven and cracking floors are seldom signs of structural foundation damage when they first appear. In spite of foundation repair company propaganda early signs of foundation movement are just that, signs of foundation movement not signs that the foundation has been damaged. It is seldom necessary to use piers and move walls early on. In the majority of case, properly maintaining the soil will stop the movement and often reverse it. In most cases where minor movement is involved piers are not only un-needed but can cause additional problems.  In most cases, when the foundation movement can be stopped early, simple cosmetics are all that is needed and the whole situation is rightly regarded as a drainage problem and not a foundation issue. If you would like more information contact me.  I can be your advocate, your check and balance.     Richard Rash, 817-308-8186.    

How do I deal with somewhat major foundation damage?                                                          

If you think that your foundation movement has escalated to the point of foundation damage then you might need piers. The questions become when do I need them, how many will I need, what kind of piers are best for my situation, who should I have put them in, and, how much is too much to pay. If it really appears you need piers I recommend you find out why the building is moving and put a stop to it.  If you don’t figure out why it is moving, piers are at best a roll of the dice and at worst a big step backwards. If it is swelling soils then you must stop the moisture source, such as find and fix a plumbing leaks or reverse bad drainage and then allow the soil to dry. The drying out process may well allow the structure to return to close to “as built” and piers will not be needed. If piers are still needed it will take much less to do the job.   Piering before the soil dries can add great expense to foundation repair by having to install piers that likely would not be required after the soil dries. Foundation repair companies sell piers, I don’t.  I provide solutions! When it comes to type of piers or number of piers I have no dog in the hunt I just want to see you get the work you need done, by good people for a fair price.  For more information please call me Richard Rash at 817-308-8186.  

How can I deal with failed foundation repair?                                                         

If you have experienced foundation repair that is not working you are, unfortunately, not alone. Many foundation repairs fail because the tools most foundation companies use do not help with the problems that have caused the foundation to move.  Many times their contracts and warranties protect them from being made to “fix” the problem because the warranty was on the pier and not the problem. Most contracts have a clause that you must go to arbitration to settle disputes. The foundation companies do this regularly while most homeowners don’t, so guess who knows how to play the system? If you have warrantee issues you may have some recourse or it may be to your advantage to just get it fixed again only this time correctly. If you need guidance I can help. I know their games. Call Richard Rash 817-308-8186

 How do I deal with selling a home with minor foundation damage?                                                                                                                                           

The terms “foundation movement” and “foundation damage” have become somewhat synonymous. Due to sales propaganda and just plain ignorance many buyers are scared away from perfectly sound properties that may have experienced minor cosmetic damage or just a little wear and tear. To avoid having interested buyers walk away, or call a foundation company that will try to sell them piers, call me before you go on the market. I can show you how to stage the home in the best possible light by dealing with “scary signs” that usually mean nothing. This minor cost of doing business can prevent loss of buyers, speed up the sale and get top dollar.   Contact me! I can help! Richard Rash  817-308-8186 

How do you buy a home without foundation issues?                                                          

Got your eye on your dream home but have uncertain feelings about the stability of the foundation. The seller may provide a disclosure of no problems but often the sellers do not recognize the true signs of foundation distress. Sometimes they ignore them, sometimes they cover them up and sometimes they don’t know about previous repairs.        Tip: look closely at homes where the bricks have been painted. Sometime innocent, sometimes damage cover up. If you want to feel really comfortable about the property foundation, contact me. I can help. Spent a few bucks to know your investment is sound. Call me: Richard Rash 817-308-8186 Email: richardrashinc@tx.rr.com  

How do you know so much about foundations?

I’ve studied how to solve foundation problems for almost forty years, trying to find solutions to foundation movement rather than how to sell piers. That is why I know that the majority of foundation damaged structures do not require piers for a fix. See what my customers say at: Testimonials.    Here are :   My Fees.       For additional information: Contact me: Richard Rash, 817-308-8186

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